# Configuration

A config.yml file is created in the blockchain directory for every new blockchain that is launched with Starport. The config.yml file describes the development environment for your blockchain.

The generated config.yml defines the accounts and a validator of the blockchain.

# config.yml

The generated config.yml looks like:

Copy accounts: - name: alice coins: ["1000token", "100000000stake"] - name: bob coins: ["500token"] validator: name: user1 staked: "100000000stake"

# Bootstrap your Blockchain with Changes

To bootstrap your blockchain with changes, you can change values for existing parameters in the generated config.yml and add parameters that are not provided by default.

For parameter details, see config.yml Reference (opens new window).

# Changes to config.yml

When changes to config.yml are saved, the blockchain automatically restarts to read the new values. The state of the blockchain is reset.